Each person is born with some hidden talent. A talent that knows no boundaries and knows no limit.

Over the years several people gained recognition for their talent. However, there are several other talented people who have not been able to find the right platform to showcase their talent.

 And find their way to recognition and fame.

Golden Grandeur Award:

Golden Grandeur Award is India’s first online talent contest, running across various categories.Participant can send in their entries from all across the country!The platform aims at bringing out hidden talent in India and provide Artists a platform where this talent can be showcased, judged and awarded by the online voters from across the nation. That’s right; people from all across the country vote with all transparency throughout the stages of the contest and recognize talent in various categories!

Awards and Prizes – for Participants and Voters!

Rurban Intercorp LLP conceptualized the GOLDEN GRANDEUR AWARD, to recognise and award talent in various categories. The Golden Grandeur Award will also recognizes efforts of the online voters by awarding them for their precious time to recognize the hidden talent among the people of India!


  • Massive promotion on Social Media such as, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc;
  • Talent recognition by felicitation, certification and presentation of trophy under the Golden Grandeur Award;
  • Become the pride of India and open a gateway to worldwide opportunities to showcase your talent;
  • Prizes and awards for winner in each category;
  • Transparent and unbiased process to determine the winner which is entirely based on the verdict of online voters in respective categories. It is adjudged on the basis of cumulative score (on a set formula) earned by the contestant/nominee based on their talent showcased and liking by voters for their respective category.

About Rurban Intercorp LLP

Rurban Intercorp LLP is an Indian start up, having its core inclined towards making a sustainable environment and hand by hand promoting hidden talent in the Indian citizens.

Rurban Intercorp started off with setting up a nature resort in Uttar Pradesh –The Rurban Village. The resort is a nature lover and adventure enthusiast paradise! Overtime various environment sustainable activities were introduced, such as organic farming, organic jaggery making, use of drip irrigation, solar power usage – which has made the Resort, self-sustaining. Today, the resort is a benchmark in terms of creating sustainable and eco-friendly tourism destination.

A humble beginning to bring together the community of talented Indians and take the country to new heights, is the endeavour of the Company.

Do join in the journey and help us make it worthwhile!