SAC is a committee setup and responsible for reviewing the entries sent by the Participants. SAC reviews if all eligibility criteria are meet by the participants, categorising and shortlisting of video entries for public voting, and take any necessary action in relation to the same.

SAC reserve the right to cancel or confer more awards or withdraw/withhold, wherever they find it appropriate for any existing/additional category, at its sole discretion and without assigning any reason whatsoever. The decision of SAC with regard to the selection of the videos, participant winner or public voting winner shall be final and binding.

Selection and bifurcation of Talent:

The Participant(s) shall be evaluated and shortlisted by SAC on the overall basis of his/her performance, quality, grace, personality, technique, selection of act, ideas, entertainment factor, uniqueness, etc. or any such other criteria determined by the Committee at its sole discretion.

Based on the self-evaluation of the Videos by SAC, SAC will choose and bifurcate the videos received in following two categories:

1.       Finalist Videos – for online voting: 

From all the videos submitted, SAC will choose Finalists in (5:1 ratio, SAC may increase or decrease this ratio or cancel the category as per its own discretion) in each Talent category. These selected videos by (“SAC”) will be posted on the Golden Grandeur Award website for online voting by the public.

Highest rated video: One Video in each Talent category with the highest public rating will be the winner from Finalist Videos. 

2.       Shortlisted Videos – For online recognition:

From the videos submitted in each category, SAC may shortlist a few videos which it believes, should go on the public and vast platform of FaloodaTV android app and Rurban Vision YouTube Channel. So that, those deserving talent get the opportunity of recognition and promotion across the nation.

Shortlisted contestants may be asked to send high resolution video through online transfer mode.


The Shortlisted candidates may, at SAC’s sole discretion, be intimated about their selection by an email and/or mobile phone number or any other mode of communication, as SAC may deem fit at its sole discretion, and the Shortlisted Participant shall be solely responsible for checking the email/calls received from SAC. Such communication shall be in the form and manner decided by SAC at its sole discretion.



The evaluation criteria for winners will be as below:

Once SAC has evaluated and selected the finalist videos, the finalist videos will be open to public voting and view.

Participant with the highest rating in each category will be determined as below:

Step 1– Online voters will rate each Video in voter’s preferred Talent category.
Step 2– The Video with the Highest Cumulative rating in each category will be the winner

Example –
Category– Comedy
Total nominated Videos– 05

Total accumulative online Voting of all Video = 4530

Video 1– Individual rating is 4, from 1000 online vote and accumulative score based on total votes is 0.883
Video 2– Individual rating is 3, from 900 online vote and accumulative score based on total votes is 0.596
Video 3– Individual rating is 3, from 780 online vote and accumulative score based on total votes is 0.516
Video 4– Individual rating is 2, from 850 online vote and accumulative score based on total votes is 0.375
Video 5– Individual rating is 4, from 1000 online vote and accumulative score based on total votes is 0.883

Winner Score will be 0.883, there are two video (no. 1 and no. 5) with same score therefore it will be a tie.
In case of tie  The award shall be shared by both the contestants.



  • In order to find out 3 lucky voters, a cumulative no. of votes cast by the voter will be determined.
  • The more you participate by voting and rating in each category will give you a higher chance of winning.
  • There will be 3 lucky winners which will be determined by way of draw of lots.
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