Please read and ensure to meet all the below eligibility criteria before applying for the contest:

  • Participant must be Indian Citizenof 18 years or above(attained age of majority as per law).
  • The Participant should not have a criminal conviction or an arrangement or a contract that prevents the Participant(s) from participating in the Contest
  • The Participant should abide by all the applicable laws at all times, including complying with the lockdown order and other orders, instructions and guidelines issued by any government authority, judicial or quasi-judicial authority;
  • Employees, directors, representatives, consultants of and/or persons hired on contract of Rurban and its affiliates and their respective immediate family member(s) are not eligible to participate in this Contest
  • Photo ID (Aadhar/Driving license) shall be provided if/and when asked,for verification
  • Each participant can file multiple nomination by submitting only one video in each talent categories (multiple entries in the same category shall not be allowed). In any case if more than one entry is submitted per category, SAC may accept for evaluation purposes, only first submission in each category and outright reject any submissions thereafter at its sole discretion.
  • Participant must register and submit their Entries during the Stipulated Time for call for Entries. Any entries received before and/or after the Stipulated Time, may not be considered for the Contest and may be deemed null and void.
  • Participant shall sign/acceptterms & conditions and online declarationthat the content narrated, performed, recorded or presented in any manner in the video is original and free from any copyright etc.


    • Quality: Preferably shot in HD – 1080p format
    • Theme:Open to all
    • Duration: should not be less than 180 seconds & not more than 300 seconds
    • Quality: Preferably shot in HD – 1080p format
    • Theme: Social Message
    • Duration: For category of short film the time duration will not be less than 5 Min. / 300 seconds
  • Video Uploading limit is 300MB per video
  • Videos should be free of filters, however, slow motion/ time warp may be used
  • be audible, having a good audio/sound quality and shot against clean and uncluttered background
  • Not contain any weapons or objects of religious/national importance (Indian National Flag, National Emblem, Religious Imagery etc.)
  • Not contain any watermarks or logos, filters and shall be free and clean of any product placement or brand integration or endorsement
  • Each participant should ensure that the video so submitted shall be free of public abuse, nudity, vulgarity, should harm the pride of country and should not be against the public policy. Any video or nominee found to submit a video against the above shall be disqualified at the sole discretion of SAC. SAC or Rurban shall not be responsible for obtaining any permissions on behalf of the Participant for shooting in any common spaces, buildings, etc. SAC shall not entertain any queries, questions or complaints in this regard.

In the event the Participant, fulfils all the criteria above, only then the Participant may submit the Entries in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. SAC reserves the right but not the obligation to verify if an individual meets all the criteria.

SAC reserves the sole right to disqualify and reject the Entries and registration of Participant(s) at any point of time in the event the above criteria or any part thereof is not met with or any discrepancy is found to exist in the information furnished/provided by the Participant or any individual performing in the Video(s) at any point of time.